How Teachers Can Create Videos that Engage Students

Published 28th Aug 2014

As a teacher, you may think slick production is the way to go in building engaging learning videos, but new data shows that variables within your control (and budget!) have more of an impact... If you'd like to read the rest of this article, please head over to the source at

Back-to-school: Chemistry of Life Unit

Published 26th Aug 2014

Unit 2: Chemistry of Life This 10 bulb unit, aligned to Next-Gen Science Standard and build on Bozemanscience, covers Chemistry of Life. Each bulb has 7+ interactions designed to engage students and maintain accountability throughout the learning experience. These bulbs are self-contained and plug-n-play, but can be further customized to fit students' needs. To get it on your eduCanon account, click here. Bozemanscience is maintained by Paul Andersen, a science teacher in Bozeman, MT. He has created hundreds of science videos that…

eduCanon's Founder's Story: Part 1

Published 25th Aug 2014

This is Part 1 of a multi-part account chronicling eduCanon's history and the startup journey. In college, I saw many of my friends experiment with interesting career paths, professions that didn't exist a few decades ago, activities purely stemming from their intellectual passions. And I found myself doing the same, conducting organic chemistry research at the National Institutes of Health, Oxford and IBM. But when we graduated, the trend shifted. Many peers pursued career paths following their most influential role models—their

Back-to-school: Resources to build class culture.

Published 24th Aug 2014

Unit 0: Inspiring Classroom Culture This back to school unit built by the eduCanon team includes bulbs generated from TedX Teen talks, Kid President, and more. Each bulb has 5+ interactions designed to engage students and establish your class culture for the coming year. The Inspiration Unit covers the qualities of student leaders, the importance of not giving up, and the great impact each student can have on the world. If you'd like to download the full unit or read more:…

eduCanon featured in NPR's Marketplace this week!

Published 23rd Aug 2014

"It’s not until you’re in the classroom until you realize and really understand the pain points," says Benjamin Levy. He was teaching eighth graders in California and got frustrated that educational videos weren’t more interactive. Now he’s CEO of eduCanon, which lets teachers add questions to online videos. If you'd like to hear more from eduCanon's founder: How did your experiences in the classroom lead you to create eduCannon? Why do you think so many teachers are creating edtech apps?

Best practices for the flipped classroom

Published 19th May 2014

The flipped classroom is still in its early stages, with much experimentation left to figure out the best strategies and workflows. Fortunately for us, innovative teachers like Jon Bergmann, Aaron Sams, Crystal Kirsch, Stacey Roshan, and many many more have been paving the way and documenting their successful practices. So, teachers, what are the best practices to flip? The best ways to liberate your classroom and spend more time connecting with your students? Read on. 1) Make it student-driven Traditional classrooms…

Winners of the Challenge Cup Education and Milken Penn GSE Competition

Published 19th May 2014

eduCanon honored with recognition and funding from both 1776 Challenge Cup and Milken penn GSE competition. The D.C. based 1776 rewarded eduCanon with $100K in investment for taking first prize in the education category. The very same week, the team travelled to Philadelphia for the Milken Penn GSE competition where they won the McGraw Hill Open Ed award and earned a $15,000 grant. As the 1776 website describes, the competition aims to "identify the most promising start ups in the world…

edynco and eduCanon together at last

Published 1st May 2014

The flipped classroom isn’t going away. Just a couple of years ago it was a theoretical concept for most teachers, but now one in six math and science teachers are using a flipped learning model. One in five of all teachers are hoping for it to be covered in their PD sessions this year. With this growing demand, an assortment of tools have cropped up to meet the pain points of the model. Everything from tools to record presentations, insert…

Mr Jackson's story: Blended Social Studies Class

Published 26th Apr 2014

Timothy Jackson teaches 7th grade social studies at a rural school in Maine. He doesn’t flip his class yet because many of his students don’t have sufficient wifi at home, let alone access to the devices needed, to stream a YouTube clip. That doesn’t mean he avoids using video with his students. In fact, it is an integral part of his classroom experience; he uses video in a blended setting at least once or twice a week. His students love coming…

eduCanon honored by advancing to finals in edtech competition!

Published 24th Apr 2014

Back in October, eduCanon entered into the 1776 Challenge Cup pitch competition. A youngster in the field, eduCanon won over the audience and was selected by judges to represent D.C. in the education category, advancing to the finals. Now the finals are less than a month away and we’re gearing up to show how much we’ve grown! Coupled with this success, we’re also competing as a finalist for the prestigious Milken-Penn GSE Education

5 dollars for you

Published 22nd Apr 2014

April 28 not April 2 is the deadline Because you are awesome and have awesome friends, we thought you deserve another chance to win some money. It's real simple: Get 5 colleagues to register for eduCanon and get 5 bucks. Steps: Share your referral link with your teacher buddies or tweet it out. Your link will look something like this -{id} Your buddies register. We're only giving out gift cards to the first 100 teachers, so act quickly! The deadline is Monday, April 28 at

3 Strategies to Rock your ESL Class

Published 22nd Apr 2014

Videos have an incredible power to engage and energize student. More than that, they give students a window into experiences that they can't easily take part in like the dialect/culture of a people half way across the globe. Time to start incorporating them, yeah? Here are a few strategies to bring video into your ESL class and deliver an awesome lesson that will make your students love you forever. #1 Use Popular Music Videos Who would have thought that you could make an…

Amazing High School English Videos Aligned to CCSS

Published 18th Apr 2014

This is a live, dynamic list of CCSS aligned high school english videos. All of these videos have been used to construct eduCanon lessons with time-embedded interactivity. If you'd like to download any of these standards- aligned lessons for your class tomorrow (plug-n-plan), visit and sign up. L.9-10 Language Grammar Lessons With Food by pleated-jeans 9-10.L.1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. . Some tips for writing effective thesis statements 9-10.L.3.a: Write and edit work…

20 Awesome Middle School Math Videos Aligned to CCSS

Published 17th Apr 2014

This is a live, dynamic list of CCSS aligned middle school math videos. All of these videos have been used to construct eduCanon lessons with time-embedded interactivity. If you'd like to download any of these standards- aligned lessons for your class tomorrow (plug-n-plan), visit and sign up. 6th Grade 6.G Geometry Finding Area by MuchoMath 6.G.1: Find the area of right triangles, other triangles, special quadrilaterals, and polygons by composing into rectangles or decomposing into triangles and other shapes. . 2.11 3d Nets by Holly…

Awesome Middle School English Videos Aligned to CCSS

Published 16th Apr 2014

6th Grade 6.L Conventions of Standard English Literary Devices: Simile and Metaphor by Scholarcat 6.L.1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. Flocabulary - Test-Taking Vocabulary by FlocabularyYT 6.L.4.a: Use context (e.g., the overall meaning of a sentence or paragraph; a word’s position or function in a sentence) as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase. . Similes and Metaphors by TheBazillions 6.L.5: Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings . Flocabulary…

Awesome Upper Elementary Math Videos Aligned to CCSS

Published 15th Apr 2014

3rd Grade 3.MD Measurement and Data YouTube uploaded by VividMath 3.MD.5: Recognize area as an attribute of plane figures and understand concepts of area measurement. TeacherTube uploaded by Hanker 3.MD.5: Recognize area as an attribute of plane figures and understand concepts of area measurement. 3.NBT Number & Operations in Base Ten YouTube uploaded by Mitchellflipped 3.NBT.3: Multiply one-digit whole numbers by multiples of 10 in the range 10–90 using strategies based on place value 3.NF Develop understanding of fractions as numbers. YouTube uploaded by maths520 3.NF.1: Understand a…

Top 3 Video Resources to Rock your Math Class

Published 14th Apr 2014

LearnZillion Thousands of excellent LearnZillion videos are available on YouTube. All are teacher-created and most are aligned to CCSS. - Click here for Original video Math Antics Super engaging, free math videos that are best for grades three through five. -Click here for Original video Khan Academy You probably know who he is by now. His videos cover nearly every subject and all are available on YouTube - Click here for Original video

eduCanon: Unleash Videos Like You Teach

Published 10th Apr 2014

We often struggle with simplifying eduCanon's full vision into a short tag line. There are so many buzz words that relate to our platform: interactive, video, paced instruction, flipped, blended, formative assessments, engagement, guided learning, no skipping! We came up with the tag line: Inteactive Video. Unleashed. It covered our necessary dog reference and emphasized that eduCanon was an enhancement of normal video. But as we began to…

Top 7 US Government Video Lessons to Pump Up your Class!

Published 9th Apr 2014

US Government Hip Hughes @hiphughes, a long-time contributor to eduCanon, has compiled an amazing selection of US Government and US History interactive video lessons that he uses with his students. Here we've aggregated a selection of the best! These lessons aren't paper plans, nor are they links to videos...these lessons are ready-to-go with embedded formative assessments that the teacher can real-time monitor! Use them for homework or in-class with 1:1 devices! He has passion and charisma is his teaching--a great way to…

Top 5 Social Studies Video Resources

Published 7th Apr 2014

Crash Course is awesome. John Green's videos are engaging, informative, and cover a broad range of topics. He does talk a little quickly so it helps to pace out his instruction with some questions. Click here for Original Video Hip Hughes rocks. Keith Hughes is a real-life teacher that makes great US History and Government videos. Click here for Original Video PBS. You know who these guys are. But did you know there were thousands of PBS videos available for you on

Engaging Foreign Language eduCanon bulbs

Published 1st Apr 2014

Foreign Language (Spanish) Music video - Click here for Original Video (Spanish) Senor Jordan - Click here for Original Video (ESL) Music video - Click here for Original Video (French) Fox says (Latin) imperfect tense - Click here for Original Video

Engaging English eduCanon bulbs

Published 1st Apr 2014

English Crash Course - Click here for Original Video Old movie: Grammar throw down - Click here for Original Video Screencastomatic on MLA - Click here for Original Video Audio book (Outcasts of poker flat) - Click here for Original Video Combining Sentences (has vocaroo) - Click here for Original Video


Published 1st Apr 2014

eduCanine: the single most important advancement in education Back a ways, we started eduCanon--a really cool platform to build and share interactive videos--but as that's taken off I can't help but think back to our core mission: flipped learning. And that's why today I'm announcing our newest venture eduCanine. Many have asked why our logo is a dachshund and the answer has been hidden until now: flipping the classroom is hard, but not nearly as hard as flipping a dachshund. Our mission from

Top 5 Video Resources for your Science Class

Published 1st Apr 2014

Science TED original lessons are fantastic. There are TED-Ed lessons covering virtually any subject, but I particularly like this one on Mendelian genetics. - Click for Original youtube Bill Nye. You know who he is. You know he is awesome. - Click here for Original YouTube Bozeman Science videos are developed by Paul Anderson, a high school science teacher in northern Montana and YouTube Edu Guru. Bozeman videos have been rising in popularity the last couple of years for good reason - they

The 5 Best TED Talks for your classroom

Published 28th Mar 2014

All of the lessons you see embedded below, were created using eduCanon. If you like what you see, sign up for free and snag your own! 1. Every Kid Needs a Champion If you're an educator, aspiring educator, or generally anybody with a pulse you should watch this TED video. Rita Pierson, a teacher of 40 years, discusses education, human connection/relationships, and the role of an educator. Awesome for professional development. Click here for a link to the original video. 2. Hero's Journey This…

Referral Time!

Published 28th Mar 2014

You have been awesome. The more teachers like you using eduCanon, the more powerful the community becomes. We are providing two Amazon gift cards to an amazon gift certificate to a rockstar teachers $500. And all you’ve got to do to is spread your love of eduCanon. For each colleague that tries out eduCanon thanks to you, we’ll add another raffle ticket with your name on it! Steps: Share your unique referral link with your teacher buddies. You can find this on your tutorial page,…

3 Steps to an Incredible, Interactive Presentation

Published 14th Mar 2014

Step One: Delete powerpoint from your computer. Okay, that was an exaggeration. Powerpoint definitely has its place for telling linear stories that progress from point A to point B. But, as you know, the stories you tell in your classroom - from the rise of powerful monarchies to the anatomy of the human digestive system - very rarely have simple linear progressions. That is where Prezi comes in. It lets you create a nonlinear story with audio, texts, images, pretty much…

Flipped Classroom Research and Flipped Classroom Best Practices

Published 1st Mar 2014

There has been a lot of research coming out lately in support of flipped learning - whether it has been showing that it increased student engagement and performance at Byron High School or how it led to improved pass rates for at-risk students at Clintondale High School. And while the case for the flipped learning model has become more and more compelling as of late, there are still some challenges in a flipped setting because you, the teacher,…

Infographic: Flipped Class Stats

Published 14th Feb 2014

Carolyn's story: Flipping Middle School Science

Published 14th Jan 2014

Carolyn Daniel's enthusiasm for the newest edtech solutions is palpable. She teaches middle school literature, science, and social studies at OLMC and is no stranger to the flipped classroom. Carolyn flips her classroom so that she can spend more time connecting and working through activities with her students rather than just talking at them. Moreover, she finds that because her students are visual learners, watching a video is much more engaging than reading a textbook. While YouTube has been great for her,…

Infographic: What is the flipped classroom? And how to get started?

Published 7th Jan 2014

As well, this infograph has been translated into Spanish by Iñaki Fernández.